Firm news | November 1, 2021

NGS Finland is Roschier’s new carbon offset partner

Setting targets, promoting environmentally sustainable choices, and compensating for emissions are an essential part of Roschier's activities to reduce our climate impact. As of June 2021, we are compensating our cross-border emissions together with NGS Finland Oy.

While we continue focusing on efforts to reduce our carbon footprint according to the targets set in our ISO 14001 environmental certification, we also want to minimize the climate impact of our unabated emissions.

This year, we started partnering with NGS Finland, a company that creates environmental responsibility programs for their clients and carries out domestic compensation projects. The new compensation scheme agreed with NGS combines an afforestation project (15%) and a project regarding the prolonged rotation period of forests (85%). The projects are monitored and reported annually. NGS’s calculation model relies on data generated by Finnish universities on carbon sequestration in the forests. Prior to NGS, we worked with ZeroMission who runs impactful energy and forestation projects around the world.

The new compensation scheme takes into account emissions arising from the use of office space, remote working and business travel and covers our cross-border operations. As our office space in both Sweden and Finland is powered solely by green energy sources, our use of electricity is not generating any CO2-emissions. Hence emissions originating from purchased energy only, such as heating and cooling as well as waste management, are included in the compensation scheme.

Reducing emissions from business travel is one of Roschier’s primary environmental targets. Our target for 2021 and the upcoming years is to reduce emissions related to air travel by 3% per employee yearly. In addition to our own efforts to promote sustainable meeting alternatives to travel, working with NGS helps us compensate for those travel-related emissions that are hard to eliminate altogether.

We constantly work on increasing the environmental awareness at our firm by offering frequent trainings and internal communication about environmental topics as well as on how our firm-wide environmental work is evolving.