Events | March 14, 2017

News: Roschier seminar series on latest trends in technology, digitalization and outsourcing: Session I

Roschier arranged a seminar focusing on digital transformation.

On Tuesday, 14 March, Roschier launched a series of seminars on technology, digital transformation, and outsourcing. The theme of the first seminar was digital transformation, which was discussed by guest speakers Jussi Tokola (General Counsel, Tieto) and Frans Westerlund (SVP Business Processes and CIO, Fiskars) together with Roschier partner Arto Linnervuo. The following topics were included in the seminar presentations: “Transformation deals done well – insight from supplier’s perspective”, “Digital transformation at Fiskars” and “Contracting in digital transformation space – why and how traditional IT agreements will need to change?”.

The second seminar in the series on hot topics voted by the participants will take place in April, and the third session on outsourcing will be held in May.

For further information on the seminar series, please contact Partner Arto Linnervuo.