Events | April 29, 2019

NBLA 2019: Signed, sealed and delivered!

The fourth consecutive NBLA (Nordic Business Law Academy by Roschier) has been successfully finalized. In four sessions during the spring, 26 law students from universities in Finland and Sweden have worked together to complete a fictive transaction.

The NBLA is built around an M&A case study covering a full transaction cycle, and this year the participants were responsible for the sale and purchase of a fictive international sports apparel company. In their roles as advisors of the bidder candidates (industrial and private equity sponsors), sellers and financing parties, the students advised on legal and strategic matters in a controlled auction process. The aim of the NBLA is to give the students a platform for the future and a glimpse of the everyday life at a corporate law firm. During the program, the participating students worked closely with Roschier’s lawyers and, while practicing teamwork in a professional real-life context, they also gained an understanding of the importance of client relationships and how to utilize their legal expertise to achieve the clients’ objectives.

“The goal of the NBLA is to give students an insight into the work at a tier 1 law firm and to provide them with a network and tools that they can benefit from in their future careers. I’m impressed by all the talent that we have met during the program. These students are the future of business law, and we look forward to welcoming many of them back to Roschier to continue their careers with us.”, says Björn Winström, the partner responsible for the program.

A big thank you to all those who have been involved. NBLA has been held since 2016 with applications taken up during the autumn. To those interested in NBLA – make sure you follow us on social media (Roschier Sverige or Roschier Finland) to be notified of future events and other career opportunities.