Malin Leffler and Björn Johansson-Heigis on AI solutions in Advokaten

Curiously yet carefully – this is how Swedish law firms approach artificial intelligence. In a recent article in Advokaten, a journal published by the Swedish Bar Association, Roschier’s Partners Malin Leffler and Björn Johansson Heigis discuss the opportunities and challenges posed by AI.

Key takeaways

  • Due to the strict rules on confidentiality in law firms, the development of legal tech solutions within the legal industry has been slow. Although challenges remain, the general consensus is that AI solutions applicable to law firms will eventually become widely available.
  • Law firms wishing to adopt AI and other legal tech solutions should first determine their objectives and then integrate these solutions into the firm’s overall strategy and workflow.
  • AI is set to hasten changes in the operational processes of law firms and likely promote new business models. However, it will not render lawyers redundant. Even the most sophisticated AI tools will require human supervision, creativity, and the analysis and assessment of results.
  • As AI solutions continue to emerge and evolve, the need for risk assessments and resolution of liability issues will increase. EU-wide regulation is currently being prepared, and companies who use or develop AI solutions as part of their business should be conscious of the expectations set upon them once these rules take effect.