Hire & Fire employment law podcast – Policies in the workplace

Insights|April 29, 2024

Policies in the workplace – why, what, and when?

In this episode of Hire & Fire, Jenny Welander Wadström, Elin Osbeck and Aylin Bahmanyar talk about the reason behind employers implementing policies in the workplace, what employers must be aware of when doing so, and generally the employer’s right to direct the employees’ work and the employees’ loyalty obligation vis à vis the employer.

Jenny Welander Wadström, Elin Osbeck and Aylin Bahmanyagive give examples of policies which must be in place according to, for instance, the Swedish Discrimination Act and touch upon when policies have popped up in recent case-law jurisprudence. We hope that you tune-in, and the episode can be found in your podcast-app!

(Please note that the podcast is in Swedish)