Experiences of the Office Support program

Are you eager to take the first steps towards your career in law? We are now looking to hire committed and service-minded Office Support for spring 2020 in Helsinki. We had a chat with our Office Supports Roi and Matias to gain insight into the versatile role of an Office Support.

Intended for law students at an early stage of their studies, the Office Support program offers law students an opportunity to gain an understanding of the lawyer’s world.

“Through various tasks, I have learned how daily assignments are managed. Since our tasks can come from any team inside the house, I have had the opportunity to learn about all the different practices at Roschier. Furthermore, throughout the trainee period, junior associates from different practices have arranged presentations of the practices they work in. Through these I have gotten an even better understanding of the different practices and what a lawyer’s workday might look like”, Roi explains.

For Matias, the Office Support period started even before a single day of his law studies had passed.

“When I started as an Office Support, I did not know much about working in a law firm, but now I have a pretty good understanding for a first-year student. The role of an office support has offered me a wonderful opportunity to see and learn how things are handled in a large law firm”, Matias comments.

Furthermore, both Matias and Roi feel that the skills they have learned will help them thrive in an ever-changing work environment and in their future career endeavours.

“Our office support team assists our lawyers with different kinds of tasks and being a part of projects gives us an understanding of and practical experience of our future profession”, Roi comments.

Roi and Matias also further highlight the importance of the social connections that are made during the traineeship. Roi even feels that one of the best parts about working at Roschier has been the people.

“As an Office Support, you always work as a part of a team and through this, I have gotten to know some pretty amazing people and have hopefully made a few lifelong friends”.  Matias agrees and stresses the importance of networking with new people from the industry, and adds that the role of an Office Support is a great position to create new connections. Roi concludes with reflecting on how important tutoring has been for him.

“At the start of the trainee period, each trainee is assigned a personal lawyer tutor. Through this tutoring, I have gotten an insight into the life of a lawyer and a valuable contact to rely upon any help or guidance.”