Evelina Åsberg Siska

Awards & rankings | December 4, 2023

Evelina Åsberg Siska awarded in the Swedish Competition Authority Thesis Competition

Roschier Associate and former Thesis Trainee Evelina Åsberg Siska is awarded an honorary mention in the Swedish Competition Authority's Thesis Competition for her essay "The European Commission’s Solution to Catch Nascent Acquisitions. A Legal Study of the New Approach to Article 22 of the EU Merger Regulation".

The thesis is focused on the Commission’s new approach to “nascent transactions”, where Evelina Åsberg Siska explores the necessity, legality, and consequences of this practice, and considers alternatives to address these acquisitions.

“Rapid technological development means that technology companies that are small today can nevertheless exert competitive pressure on established ones due to their potential. The risk is that competition will be eliminated in the event of their acquisition, even when the merger does not fall within the scope of the traditional merger review,” says the motivation for the award. “This is a new challenge, and the Commission’s ruling on the matter has been called into question. In thorough and well-written manner, the author goes through the problems and opportunities that this solution entails and has creditably not only analyzed the legal situation today, but also made suggestions on what can be improved.”

This year, three award winners in Law section have been selected by a jury consisting of members of the Council for Research Issues and Swedish Competition Authority’s employees. The full text of thesis and interview with Åsberg Siska in Swedish are available on Hedersomnämnande 2023 (konkurrensverket.se).