Career news | November 11, 2019

A summer traineeship is a great learning opportunity

Summer might seem far away now, but after sitting down and discussing the Summer Trainee position, the benefits of being a Summer Trainee as well as what the day-to-day tasks are, together with two previous Summer Trainees, it literally feels like summer is just around the corner.

Elin Larsson, Associate in Roschier’s M&A team, was a Summer Trainee in the same team last summer. Elin Gustavsson was a Summer Trainee at Roschier two years ago in our EU & Competition team, and she is now a Thesis Trainee at Roschier and will start as an Associate in spring 2020.

What is the best thing about being a Summer Trainee at Roschier?

“The best thing about being a Summer Trainee is that you truly are a part of the practice team in which you are working. This means that you get a great insight into the hands-on work of business law handled by your team. During your weeks at Roschier, you get to attend many nice and fun activities that are arranged by and for your team, such as after works, team activities and the Young Professional’s Forum”, says Elin L.

“I agree with what Elin says, but I would also like to add that one of the best things for me was that I got to meet so many new friends as well as future colleagues”, summarizes Elin G.

What are the day-to-day tasks as a Summer Trainee?

You get the chance to apply your studies in practice in a challenging and ever-changing business law environment. You are included in the day-to-day work of your team, and your main tasks include drafting documents, making legal translations or preparing problem-based analyses of the application of different laws.

“What I really enjoyed was that I finally got to work hands on with real tasks. At the University, we focus on the theoretical side of the law, but here it’s different and it’s really interesting to see how it works and to be guided by leading experts in the field”, concludes Elin G.

What did you learn as a Summer Trainee?

During my six weeks here at Roschier, I learned so many things that I really benefit from in my daily work as an Associate, both hands on tips and ways of working. By working as a Summer Trainee, I also understood that business law was something for me and that this is something I would like to continue doing, “concludes Elin L.

Why should you apply for a summer traineeship at Roschier?

“If you are interested in a career within business law, I definitely think that you should apply. The Summer Trainee position is a great opportunity for you to try out the life of a business lawyer for some weeks. It is also a great platform for you to network and meet new friends, or future colleagues, says Elin L.

“It’s a great opportunity to understand the practical side of business law and learn how things work in a real-world context. I would strongly encourage everyone who has an interest in business law to apply.”

We hope to see you at the office next summer!

Elin & Elin