Working as a Brand Protection Assistant/Specialist is demanding and rewarding

We are currently looking to hire an experienced assistant or specialist to join Roschier’s Brand Protection team. What does a Brand Protection Assistant or Specialist do and what is the team like? We had a chat with Brand Protection Specialist Camilla Udd and Brand Protection Assistant Anna Siltala to find out.

Roschier’s Brand Protection team has a strong international reputation as a high-end service provider in brand protection, brand portfolio management, IP valuation and IP strategy work. To succeed in the Brand Protection Assistant or Specialist role, it is therefore helpful to have some previous experience from trademark and/or other IPR related matters.

Being a relatively fresh member of the team, I can’t stress enough how welcome I’ve felt.

“As a member of our Brand Protection team, your days will be filled with portfolio management, administrative support work, co-operation with team mates across borders and development projects. The work is very global in nature and you are in contact with clients around the world”, Anna says of the role.

“In the truly international setting of our Brand Protection practice, which is also part of Roschier’s IP & Technology department, we get to work with global products, designs and brands that are a part of our daily lives. That gives us the opportunity to get a thorough insight into both the protection of well-known and valued brands, and everything new and exciting yet to come”, Camilla continues.

Other important skills that should be possessed by a Brand Protection Assistant or Specialist are the ability to work independently and methodically and to take responsibility, all being skills that Anna emphasizes. “In my opinion, your most valuable skills would be prioritizing, using MS Office programs in different ways, working methodically, and planning your work ahead”.

“Even though the job requires the capability to deal with matters independently, you are never left alone. My colleagues are experts in smooth cooperation and excel in problem solving – no stone is left unturned. Being a relatively fresh member of the team, I can’t stress enough how welcome I’ve felt”, Camilla concludes.