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Roschier’s TMT practice has decades of experience within the field and is widely recognized as a leading practice in the region, with skills and experience comparable to competing international offerings.

“Roschier’s ‘level of service is very, very high,’ ‘customer service is brilliant and the lawyers are always accurate and precise.’” 
– The Legal 500 (TMT)
The Nordic region has always been at the forefront of innovation and development of new technologies and solutions. Our lawyers and experts have been there as part of the phenomenon, advising clients and amassing significant knowledge not only on the relevant laws and regulations but on the business as well.

Whether the client is looking for in-depth understanding and client-oriented advice on telecoms or media regulatory issues, open-source or proprietary software licensing, supply chain or ecosystem management models and strategies, or any other item under the TMT umbrella, our TMT lawyers will be able to add value and contribute to the project so it reaches the set business objectives.

Our lawyers are well known for their practical and business-minded approach. They have vast experience in giving clients strategic advice on all aspects of their relevant business operations. Furthermore, our lawyers are committed to always being available and operating in a transparent, predictable manner, while actively seeking to adjust their ways of working to what best suits the client and the needs of the project.

Roschier works regularly on issues across the TMT spectrum, including:
  • Technology know-how and trade secret licensing
  • Stand-alone software licensing, including open source and open innovation
  • ICT deliveries, such as infrastructure or systems delivery, software delivery projects, ongoing service agreements and application development
  • R&D agreements across industries and value chains, including R&D with national or cross-border public funding, consortiums, and university research and subcontracting
  • Service delivery models and related agreements, both online and physical
  • Service provider liability, content monitoring and traffic blocking issues, together with related policies and terms and conditions
  • General telecoms regulatory, including spectrum licensing
  • General media regulatory, including broadcast license conditions in radio and TV operations
  • Convergent media issues such as copyright fees and license requirements
  • Litigation in civil and administrative courts, as well as dispute resolution in arbitration or under a variety of ADR mechanisms
  • Contributions to planning and execution of transactions, and related pre and post-closing actions
  • Data privacy advice, including outsourcing arrangements and cross-border transfer of personal data
Many of our lawyers have significant in-house experience with leading players, and several have dual degrees in either business or science. The team also includes several attorneys who, in addition to the Finnish and Swedish Bars, are admitted to the New York Bar or the California Bar. As many of the industries work cross-border, so do we. There is a strong understanding of the importance of seamless cross-border collaboration with resources both within the firm and outside it – be they other advisors in the Nordic region, counsel in other regions, or client teams across the globe.

Our in-house and international experience is continuously expanded and maintained not only through challenging client assignments but also through, for example, secondments with clients or with leading international law firms and active participation in a variety of leading professional organizations (such as ABA, IBA, LES and ITechLaw).