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Roschier has played a leading role in many of the Nordic region’s biggest outsourcing projects from the start. We work regularly in outsourcing projects as a global lead or, where appropriate, as a local law expert.
“We value the ability to always offer the highest level of expertise to demanding schedules. The lawyers are practical, effective and really dedicated to working as part of our team.”
– Chambers Europe (TMT)

As the field develops and becomes increasingly strategic, Roschier offers what many consider to be the deepest knowledge and most significant added value. We recognize that successful outsourcing – be it business operations, IT infrastructure, or application development – can revolutionize the client’s operational mode, saving huge sums and streamlining businesses.

The team combines skills and experience comparable to competing international offerings in all relevant fields, including HR & Employment, M&A, regulatory and IP & ICT, to produce a compelling service package capable of adding value where it counts most.

We advise a wide variety of clients from industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, finance, energy and media on projects ranging from run-of-the-mill, cost-driven IT outsourcing to high-end business process outsourcing. Lately we have gained significant knowledge in how to contribute on projects defined and delivered under collaborative outsourcing models. With reference clients such as Accenture and Nokia, our experts are continuously driven to deepen and broaden their already comprehensive understanding of client drivers and the business of outsourcing.

Since a key aspect of outsourcing is optimizing performance, we understand and share that target with our clients. The way of working is always planned together with the client to maximize the output of, and minimize friction between, internal and external project members. As an example, our team is staffed from the start to match the project and the client’s own capabilities and resources committed to the project, which vary significantly from client to client and from project to project. We take a practical, business-minded approach and have vast experience in giving clients strategic advice on all aspects of an outsourcing project, including pricing, target setting, and performance monitoring.

Because of the experience gained from working with a broad range of business settings and client teams, services are performed efficiently and effectively – with a transparent, predictable and reliable approach to such fundamentals as time spent and fees incurred.

Many of our lawyers have significant in-house experience with leading players, and several have dual degrees in either business or science. The team also includes several attorneys who, in addition to the Finnish and Swedish Bars, are admitted to the New York Bar or the California Bar. As many of the industries work cross-border, so do we. There is a strong understanding of the importance of seamless cross-border collaboration, both with resources both within the firm and outside it – be they other advisors in the Nordic region, counsel in other regions, or client teams across the globe.

Our in-house and international experience is continuously expanded and maintained not only through challenging client assignments but also through, for example, secondments with clients or with leading international law firms and active participation in a variety of leading professional organizations (such as ABA, IBA, LES and ITechLaw).