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Drawing from extensive experience of many heavily-regulated sectors, and an in-depth knowledge of EU data protection legislation, Roschier's Data Protection & Digitalization lawyers advise on matters relating to data protection and privacy, and cyber security and digitalization. We regularly act both as global lead counsel and as local law experts.
"Interviewees describe the team as 'extremely business-minded, knowledgeable, flexible, open to new ideas and able to handle large quantities at once.'"
- Chambers Europe (TMT)

Today, larger amounts of information than ever before are processed, stored, communicated and reproduced, putting data protection at the core of today's digitalized world. Our lawyers are versed in the various legal issues arising from the processing of personal data as the currency of social media and the fuel for new technologies - from big data to wearables, from internet-of-things to profile-based advertising – and they are well equipped to assist clients to take advantage of the opportunities and to handle fast-changing legislation and risk. Adapting promptly to new legislation and taking the initiative in data protection compliance is a clear business advantage as the trend is shifting to making companies accountable for the whole life-cycle of personal data processing. With vast experience of advising clients in many sectors on complex data protection and privacy matters, we are able to successfully support companies in an increasingly competitive business environment, defined by digital solutions and globalization.

In addition to mastering the regulatory environment, Roschier's Data Protection & Digitalization practice offers cyber security law expertise to help companies prevent and respond to cyberattacks and data breaches.

We regularly represent clients in all aspects of data protection and digitalization, including:
  • Risk assessment and internal compliance audits for new and existing data processing tools and practices
  • Assistance in preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Internal training and consultation for data protection officers
  • Cross-border data transfers and compliance with changing requirements
  • Cyber risk management, prevention and response to cyber security threats and data breaches, including internal investigations and advice relating to the implementation of IT forensics
  • Day-to-day data protection management, including communication and notifications to authorities, privacy due diligence and tailor-made privacy policies and guidelines
  • Employee monitoring and whistleblowing
  • Compliance risk management for new technologies, including IoT and big data
  • Outsourcing and cloud service agreements
  • Consumer and marketing privacy, including loyalty programs, profiling and social media
  • Freedom of speech and information management matters
  • Specialist regulatory advice for highly-regulated sectors: health and patient data, credit information, employee data, electronic communication and telecommunications.
Roschier's Data Protection & Digitalization practice has vast experience of giving clients strategic advice on all aspects of their relevant business operations. We are committed to always operating in a transparent, predictable manner, while actively seeking to adjust our ways of working to what best suits the client and the needs of the project.