Eva Storskrubb

Counsel, Dispute Resolution, Stockholm

Eva Storskrubb is a Stockholm-based Counsel specialized in dispute resolution. Eva has extensive experience from international arbitration proceedings – both ad hoc and institutional – and in particular complex cross-border arbitration, as well as litigation in national courts and before EU regulatory bodies.

In addition, Eva is an internationally recognized specialist in EU procedural law, who holds an LL.L. degree from the University of Helsinki and an LL.D. from the European University Institute in Florence. She is associate professor (docent) of procedural law at Uppsala University. She lectures and publishes regularly in the field.

Eva is recognized as one of the leading experts in dispute resolution in Finland and Sweden by international legal directories such as Chambers Global and Who’s Who Legal.  She is also recognized as a future leader in arbitration by Who’s Who Legal (Who’s Who Legal: Future Leaders – Arbitration): “Eva Storskrubb ‘is a true expert within her field’, say sources who commend her ‘clear, concise, timely and excellent work product.”

Eva Storskrubb’s experience includes advising:

  • Foreign clients in arbitral proceedings under a variety of institutional rules such as the SCC, ICC, LCIA and FAI, as well as in ad hoc proceedings under the UNCITRAL Rules, in disputes related to energy, construction, mining and IT;
  • In Swedish court proceedings acting as counsel, for example in a matter related to EU free movement of goods, challenge and enforcement of arbitral awards, as well as interim relief in aid of arbitration;
  • On EU procedures and acting before EU appeal bodies in the financial regulatory field.
  • Foreign clients in arbitration proceedings under ICC rules, as well as in ancillary domestic court proceedings in aid of the arbitration, related to a shareholder and M&A dispute;
  • Clients in negotiations and pre-dispute strategies;
  • In Finnish court proceedings acting as counsel, for example, in a cross-border matter relating to damage to goods during transport at sea.

Roschier (2011-), Dispute Resolution Counsel since 2016
Uppsala University (2014-), Marie Curie Research Fellow (2014-2016), Researcher and associate professor since 2016
Dittmar & Indrenius, Helsinki, Senior Attorney (2006-2011)
European University Institute, Florence, Doctorate Researcher (2003-2006)
The European Commission, Trainee (2005-2006)
Ross & Co Solicitors, London, Associate (2001-2003)
The European Court of Justice, Trainee (2001)
University of Helsinki, Research Assistant (2000)

Member of the Finnish Bar Association
Member of the Swedish Bar Association (EU-register)
Member of the Swedish Arbitration Association
Member of the Finnish Arbitration Association

Finnish Bar Association, Member of the working group on the reform of the bar exam (2009-2010), Member of the expert group on civil procedure (2016-), Member of the supervisory group on the reform of the Arbitration Act (2019-)
Member of the Law Society of Finland, Deputy member of the Board (2009-2014), Board member (2015-2018)
ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (YAF), Member of the Coordinating Committee for Europe (2011-2014)
Member of the Commission on Arbitration of the ICC (2013-)

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European University Institute, Florence, LL.D. (2006)
University of Helsinki, LL.Lic. (2005)
University of Helsinki, LL.M. (2000)
Finnish Bar Association Training Programme for Mediators (2010)

English, Finnish, Swedish, French