Which competition and industrial policies for the new EU Commission? – A Nordic perspective

The ruckus triggered by the Commission’s decision to block the Siemens/Alstom transaction has been immense. However, the calls for an overhaul of EU competition law are not unprecedented and similar arguments were heard in the Nordics already almost two decades ago.

Roschier Partners Christian Wik and Kristian Hugmark together with Associate Julia Vahvaselkä wrote an article that considers whether the critique and reform proposals made by the French and German governments in the aftermath of Siemens/Alstom are justified or not.

The article was originally published by Concurrences as part of a series of articles that presents different points of view about the priorities of the newly established Commission on competition policy in Europe in the aftermath of the decision prohibiting the Siemens/Alstom merger and of the manifesto published by French and German governments. These contributions participate in the debate on the interaction between merger control and international competition of European companies.

You can access the articles here. PDF copy is also attached.


Kristian Hugmark 
Julia Vahvaselkä 
Senior Associate