16 June 2015
Recent deals & highlights
Roschier represented Metsä Fibre in the financing of its new bioproduct mill in Äänekoski

Roschier advised Metsä Fibre Oy, part of Metsä Group, in the EUR 1.2 billion financing of its new bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland. The financiers included inter alia commercial banks, European Investment Bank and ECAs such as Finnvera and the Swedish export credit agency EKN.

The new mill, scheduled to be completed in 2017, is the largest investment ever in the forest industry sector in Finland.

Minimized emissions, low water consumption, as well as high energy and material efficiency have been the central design criteria for the new mill. The wood raw material used and all side streams will be fully utilized as products and bioenergy.

The bioproduct mill will contribute to achieving renewable energy targets in Finland. The mill concept maximizes the bioenergy to be sold and increases the share of renewable energy in Finland by approximately two percentage points. Furthermore, the mill will not use any fossil fuels. All of the energy it requires will be generated from wood. The electricity self-sufficiency rate of the mill will be 240 per cent.

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