26 April 2017
Firm news
Roschier responds to digitalization trend: Focuses its operational presence on Helsinki and Stockholm

Roschier will gradually transfer its local operations in Vaasa to Helsinki by the end of this year. Stefan Wikman, the long-standing Head of the Vaasa office, will continue as the main contact for the firm's clients in the Ostrobothnia region.

To meet the digitalization trend and to support the firm's one-firm strategy and 2020 roadmap, Roschier is bringing together its expertise in competence hubs by focusing its operational presence on its main offices in Helsinki and Stockholm. By launching new technology and digital collaboration platforms that support the transformation of working methods into a landscape where first-class expertise is not dependent on physical presence, Roschier aims to serve its clients in the Nordic region even more efficiently with their best interests in mind. As a result, the Vaasa operations will be transferred to the Helsinki office progressively by the end of this year.

This transition is supported by Stefan Wikman's personal succession plan and his appointment as a Senior Advisor to Roschier as of 1 June. In his new role, he will be dividing his time mainly between boardroom advisory and corporate work and fostering the firm's contacts in the Vaasa region. Roschier will continue to serve its clients in the Ostrobothnia region and offer access to the firm's combined expertise of some 250 practitioners in Finland and Sweden, while the firm's local presence in Vaasa will take on a new shape. Stefan Wikman, who has headed up the Vaasa office for more than 20 years, will continue to be based in Vaasa to ensure that Roschier retains a one-stop-shop contact for clients in the region.

"This is the beginning of a new era," says Stefan Wikman, Head of the Vaasa office. "The more than twenty-year long journey with the Vaasa office has been extraordinary for the firm and for me personally. In this time, we have been able to build up a unique position in the region, and we will by no means leave Ostrobothnia and Vaasa now that the area is buzzing with more interesting business activity than ever. Thanks to new technology and working methods, we are today able to staff teams optimally without being limited by the location of the expertise required. This will allow us to serve our clients in the region from a much broader perspective than before, and I am excited by the opportunities this will offer," Wikman notes.

Roschier continuously develops its service offering to support its clients in their business operations. The firm's recently established cross-border Projects & Energy practice serves as an excellent example of expertise that will benefit clients in the Vaasa region especially well.

"We want to be a trusted partner that renders an exceptional client experience, so it remains important to us to be able to provide a one-stop-shop contact in the Vaasa region," says Rainer Hilli, Chairman of the Board at Roschier. "We are very happy to see that Stefan, who knows the regional business landscape and all relevant key players, will continue to be the main contact for, and serve, our clients in the region. While our office in Vaasa will cease to operate in its current form, we will continue to serve our clients as before – only in the future mainly from our Helsinki and Stockholm offices," Hilli concludes.

Stefan Wikman
Senior Advisor
Tel. +358 20 506 6223
Mobile: +358 40 7698 223

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