21 June 2017
Firm news
Building for the future: Roschier donates funds to the University of Helsinki

Roschier has made a donation to the University of Helsinki as part of the university's ongoing fundraising campaign.

By donating funds to the University of Helsinki, Roschier joins the circle of private companies and organizations who have shown their support to one of the leading universities in Finland in times of decreasing government funding. The donation of 100,000 euros made by Roschier will be directed to legal education to support the university's attractiveness as a provider of high-quality international education for future generations.

"Being a law firm with a strong Nordic and international focus, it is important to us that the University of Helsinki is able to maintain and develop a modern and versatile profile that is on a par with other major universities internationally, and that it continues to offer high-quality education also in Swedish and English, in addition to Finnish," says Roschier's Chairman of the Board, Rainer Hilli.

"We believe that universities and the business sector can increase their collaboration in a variety of areas to support each other. Whereas academia can benefit from the expertise and knowledge of leading experts in the business community, firms like ours are keen to make sure that universities continue to foster a pool of well-educated talent in a variety of fields of law, ranging from contracts, company law, finance, tax and employment to competition, IP, technology, real estate, environment and energy," Hilli says.

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