9 January 2015
Firm news
Roschier receives recognition for its environmental work – ISO14001 certificate granted for renewed term

Roschier has successfully renewed its ISO14001 environmental certificate. The certificate is granted for three years at a time with a renewal audit conducted at the end of the term. Roschier’s renewed certificate was granted without any deviations, and will be valid until the end of 2017.

The renewed ISO14001 certificate proves the firm’s commitment to improving its environmental performance.

At Roschier the mindset of sustainability originates from the firm’s corporate culture and is present in the organization’s values, daily life and performance. Roschier’s aim is to be acknowledged as a firm whose environmental work is pre-emptive and continuous, and the firm is committed to its long-term environmental program, which is integrated throughout the firm in each of its three offices in Finland and Sweden.

Roschier was first certified in 2011 and became the only law firm in the Nordic region holding the ISO14001 environmental certificate for all of its offices.

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