10 October 2016
Awards & rankings
Roschier continues to strengthen its market standing in Sweden

The recent TNS Sifo Prospera Law Firm Review confirms Roschier's top league position in the Swedish market. The results show that Roschier has continued to strengthen its market standing and expand its client base since the last survey.

Roschier's strong performance is receiving increasing recognition in the Swedish market. In the recent TNS Sifo Prospera Law Firm Review 2016 for Sweden, Roschier continues to rank high in terms of overall performance and has this year climbed to the top 3 law firms in market standing. The results also show that Roschier is one of the few firms that has expanded its client base since the last survey.
According to clients interviewed for the survey, legal expertise, high-quality legal advice and specialist skills are the most important attributes that companies look for in a legal advisor. The survey also confirms that Roschier's legal expertise is considered among the foremost in the market in areas corresponding to its core practices, such as M&A, Capital Markets & IPO, Private Equity, Real Estate, Banking & Finance and Employment.
"The feedback is very encouraging, and we are particularly happy to note that the Roschier brand and the awareness of the firm as a provider of high-quality legal services is growing stronger," says Fredrik Rydin, Managing partner of Roschier. "The results of the Prospera Law Firm Review are an important indicator not only of our performance but also of trends and client preferences, and it helps us continue to develop our services with the clients' best interests in mind."
The TNS Sifo Prospera Law Firm Review comprises an evaluation of law firms by organizations with a significant volume of annual purchases of legal services. This year, almost 220 Swedish-based organizations participated in the survey, which has been conducted annually in Sweden since 2004.
For more information about the survey and its results, please visit TNS Sifo Prospera’s website at www.prospera.se.

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