9 November 2016
Roschier appoints Head of Digital solutions

Jan Willamo rejoins Roschier as cross-border Head of Digital solutions in mid-November.
Roschier's new Head of Digital solutions, Jan Willamo, returns to Roschier after three years as Business Development Director at Salomaa Group. At Roschier, he will be responsible for driving and implementing the firm's technical development and digitalization in all offices. He will focus on testing and piloting new ideas and work closely with the local office heads, Björn Winström and Mikko Manner, and the firm's COO, Mia Eklundh, with the aim of ensuring that the firm's strategic objective to identify digital opportunities for its clients and own people is prioritized.
"This era of rapid digital development in general, and more specifically in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, requires agility, an open mind and the ability to recognize opportunities. The world is changing so fast that traditional ways of developing new technical solutions are obsolete – software implemented today is most likely outdated before even put into service – so you need to be alert and constantly screen new digital solutions," says Mia Eklundh, firm-wide COO at Roschier.
"The scope for development has clearly expanded beyond traditional IT, and we are happy to have Jan Willamo back at Roschier to focus entirely on monitoring new technical trends and to make sure the firm remains in the forefront when it comes to digital solutions," she continues.

Chief Digital Officer
Tel. +358 20 506 6500
Mobile: +358 40 769 8205
Chief Operating Officer
Tel. +358 20 506 6272
Mobile: +358 40 530 2644

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