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We’re often told to think globally and act locally, but few of us actually manage to put that advice into practice. Lex Mundi, the leading global network of independent law firms, is an exception.
Doing business in a jurisdiction where you are unfamiliar with the law, business practices or institutions can be challenging. Fredrik Rydin, Roschier’s Managing Partner, understands the pitfalls, and he appreciates that, more than ever, clients want the best advice available.

“Local knowledge in every jurisdiction just can’t be beat!”
– Carl Anduri,
President of Lex Mundi
“We understand the importance of being able to offer cross-border services, and our offices in Finland and Sweden are highly integrated. But when there is a need to go beyond our home markets, it is important to have a trustworthy network at your disposal. Our clients rely on us to get the best possible assistance also outside the Nordic region,” he notes.

Roschier is the exclusive member firm in Finland for Lex Mundi - the world's leading network of independent law firms with in-depth experience in 100+ countries worldwide.

“Lex Mundi is regarded as the world’s leading legal network. Being part of it means we can provide clients with first-rate services all around the world,” says Rydin.

This is something that Carl Anduri, President of Lex Mundi, is passionate about.

“The great things we can offer clients are our resources and broad coverage,” he explains. With 21,000 lawyers in more than 100 countries, this is no idle boast. It means that in each of the world’s key business destinations, there’s a Lex Mundi member firm ready to assist.

Lex Mundi member firms are top-tier law firms in their respective jurisdictions, and among the most experienced and knowledgeable in the world. They deliver indigenous insight, a market-specific focus, and global connections to a diverse range of domestic and international clients.

“Being a Lex Mundi member firm means being ‘world ready,’ providing the insight, innovation, resources and cross-border connections to help the member firms’ clients meet the challenges of doing business in virtually any market, virtually anywhere in the world. So when a client of Roschier needs someone in, say, Brazil, the Lex Mundi member firm there will know the courts, they’ll know the government agencies, they’ll know the business environment – they’re really tuned in to the local market,” says Anduri.

Like all the best clubs, however, membership is a privilege, not a right. Member firms regularly undergo a taxing review process to ensure the highest level of quality.

Moreover, the network doesn’t act as a straitjacket. Firms are not obliged to recommend other Lex Mundi members. If they do, then clients can rest easy in the knowledge that they will be working with a leader in their jurisdiction, who has demonstrated its ability to operate to international standards of advice and service provision. But if a non-member firm would be a better fit in a particular area or for a particular client, then nothing stands in the way of working with them instead.

What this means, in short, is a great deal for clients. As Carl Anduri concludes, “Local knowledge in every jurisdiction just can’t be beat!”