Retail & Wholesale

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Retailers and wholesalers are some of the most sophisticated, demanding – not to mention cost-conscious – businesses on the planet. Roschier’s retail team has what it takes to assist with their most critical projects.

Wholesale and retail businesses are sophisticated, efficient and highly cost-conscious companies. Success in the field means constantly striving to become ever more efficient by finding new ways to lower unit costs.
Most of these new projects are complex and creative. So, for example, Roschier’s lawyers could be asked to advise on anything from restructuring supply chains to making the most profitable use of intellectual property assets to the legal intricacies of franchising and brand management. Financial restructuring and equity issuances may also be looming on the agenda.

Whatever the case, Roschier is a constant. Clients tend to consult the firm for “mission critical” advice – the major restructuring, transaction or dispute – especially if there are novel elements. For example, the firm acted in a case involving changing a retailer’s company structure from a limited company to a cooperative, which raised complex tax issues. It was the first time this had happened in Finland, so the client turned to Roschier.
The firm is also typically consulted in situations involving cross-border aspects, since international expansion can be particularly tricky for retailers. However, more cross-border consolidation is expected as domestic expansion is burdened by competition issues. Roschier’s international experience, offices and network of contacts across the world help make transactions run as smoothly as possible.