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In a rapidly developing sector such as media and entertainment, creativity is at a premium. Advisors also need to live and breathe the industry.

Roschier has one of the largest media and technology teams in the Nordic region. Focused on broadcasting, television, and crossover work with telecoms and the new media, the firm represents leading film, TV, music and technology companies on everything from establishing operations and obtaining licenses to protecting IPR, negotiating artists’ agreements, planning marketing campaigns, and handling work related to funding, acquisitions and disputes. What Roschier can provide is a large, skilled team of lawyers who are really steeped in the industry.

“Outstanding, but also approachable and easy to get along with.”
– Chambers Europe (Intellectual Property)
In a converging sector, however, where no one is sure which business models will succeed, creativity is as important as resources and experience.

Firstly, you have the rapid convergence of devices that make entertainment products available to consumers – a smartphone now has more processing power than a desktop had just 10 years ago. Then there’s content/delivery convergence – the push from content owners to be distributors and vice versa. Finally, there’s international convergence of ownership and operations.

Companies are thinking about their business models from the perspective of global accessibility. How does the money flow, and what will the consumer pay in Bangalore, Stockholm or New York? Does the business comply with local regulations – content requirements in France, for example?

To advise this industry, you need to have a genuine interest. You need to understand the client’s product and its life cycle.

Fortunately, Roschier’s lawyers live and breathe the industry. They are known to be innovative and responsive, they stay in touch with what’s happening, and they are keen to find solutions that effectively further clients’ business objectives.