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With its strong corporate expertise and extensive experience with large and complex transactions, Roschier can help insurance companies structure and execute their deals. The firm’s knowledge of the hedge fund and private equity industry, the utilized investment structures, and the tax environment all come into play when assisting insurance companies to make the most of their investments.

Roschier has been working with insurers and pension funds for a long time and knows that these are sophisticated clients, typically with strong in-house teams. These in-house teams are more than capable of dealing with most investments. Where Roschier can add value is when it comes to more complex or unusual transactions.
The firm has extensive experience in helping insurance companies structure and implement innovative acquisitions, joint ventures and exits; reorganize their investments; and make investments in private equity funds, hedge funds or funds of funds, for example. With the help of its network, Roschier can handle deals anywhere in the world.

Insurance companies, and especially pension companies, are currently looking hard at their investment portfolios in light of anticipated rules and regulations, and generally to get the optimal mix of risk and return. Liquidity is another important consideration. Changes in taxation also pose challenges to the insurance companies and their products.
Another area where Roschier can help is with complex regulatory matters. The regulatory framework affecting the insurance sector is huge, and in-house teams understand it better than most private practice lawyers do – but sometimes it’s important to get an external perspective. Launching novel products is one such case.
Then there are disputes. The team wouldn’t claim to be the most cost-effective choice for run-of-the-mill coverage and liability disputes. But for really critical matters, Roschier’s knowledge of the industry and its structure and products makes the firm a first choice for insurer clients.