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In extensive ICT projects, international experience and a track record of large-scale transactions can be what stand between success and failure.

When working on major technology contracts, practicality is key. Risks are basically endless, and if you just pointed out the risks, deals would never happen.
Roschier believes it’s their job to work closely with the client to get the best commercial agreement, not just produce a contract. The paperwork is one thing, but you always need to remember that the parties will have to work together for some time. It’s important that they understand the agreement in the same way.
An experienced and skilled lawyer acknowledges that technology contracts happen in the real world, where money goes out and deliverables come in. Negotiating the best result for your client means understanding their business imperatives. These can differ widely, not just between purchasers and suppliers, but between companies in different sectors.

Of course, it’s vital that your lawyers also understand the technology itself. This is especially true where both systems and contracts must be customized to fill a particular role. Fortunately, Roschier has a large team of ICT experts, many of them with experience in-house at technology companies. In fact, the firm has people with experience and skills that are rare even on a global scale, on issues such as software licensing and open source software. Service agreements, outsourcing, data protection and regulatory issues are other areas that the firm deals with frequently. The firm also has experience handling large-scale ICT infrastructure projects, during which the ICT lawyers work closely with colleagues who specialize in inter alia financing and construction projects.
Cases are typically large in scale and international in scope. The firm’s lawyers have negotiated high-profile ICT contracts with large companies in cities ranging from Tokyo to San Francisco. Therefore, it’s safe to say that they have the expertise, the skills and the muscle to handle ICT negotiations at the highest level.