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The forestry sector in the Nordic region faces a variety of challenges. Fortunately it is home to a number of large, international and highly innovative businesses that are confronting the problems and seizing the opportunities.

Few sectors have been as important to the economy of the Nordic region for so long, and yet remain so relevant today, as the forestry industry.
The region boasts some of the world’s leading pulp and paper businesses – such companies as Stora Enso, Metso and the Metsä Group. The industry faces the same sort of global challenges that are sweeping through other sectors: declining demand in Europe combined with the growth of new markets in Asia and Latin America; pressure towards consolidation; the need to diversify with innovative new products – replacements for plastic, for example, in packaging and even in building materials.
Then there is the environmental angle. Before anyone even came up with the concept of carbon capture and storage, Europe’s forestry companies were putting it into practice. Few industries have been wrestling with the problems of renewability and sustainability for as long as the forestry sector – it can truly be called the first green industry.

​Roschier has also been working in the sector for a long time. In Finland the firm acts for two of the three largest forestry companies, advising them on some of their key strategic transactions. Increasingly, Roschier also follows its clients abroad, coordinating acquisitions and helping them to establish Greenfield developments. The firm’s Stockholm office, too, has a wealth of sector expertise, including working on some of the sector’s largest transactions.
Along with this in-depth experience, what sets Roschier apart is its grasp of “the bigger picture.” It can offer sector-specific corporate, financing and regulatory expertise, for example, that is vital as businesses expand overseas, consolidate, restructure or develop into other sectors such as energy.