Financial Services

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With regulations evolving and best practices changing fast, Roschier combines a sure touch with unparalleled experience in the financial sector.

Nordic regulators make much use of the concept of “good stock market practice.” For example, the Swedish Securities Council regularly employs it in statements on important issues affecting the financial sector, and this soft law is developing all the time. Financial institutions need to be sure they are on the right side of the fine line that separates good from bad practices.

“Providing a ‘level of service that is very, very high,’ Roschier is a go-to firm for advising borrowers and lenders on high-value and complex transactions.”
– Legal 500 (Banking) 
And for that they need lawyers with the right instincts. Talk to any experienced finance lawyer, and he or she will tell you that financial regulatory work is not like interpreting statutes or contracts. Instead, it’s more like having a “feeling in your fingertips” for what is expected of a good corporate citizen. This only comes about through years spent living and breathing the market and developing good contacts with regulators, issuers and investors.

In investment banking, where incredibly innovative, creative professionals work within a model that can lurch from crisis to extreme success, Roschier can provide this vital “fingertip feeling” for what the market expects, which is key to ensuring that issuances are successful and new products well received.

However, these skills aren’t crucial only in areas like investment banking. Roschier’s “fingertip feeling” can also be useful in managing day-to-day regulatory compliance, as well as in helping financial institutions protect themselves from bad debt through negotiating to find solutions outside of insolvency.

Perhaps most important, Roschier’s lawyers understand what drives financial institutions. Historically seen as an innovative firm, Roschier continues to create new products that are user-friendly and solution-focused, while also offering that famously sure touch that so often makes the difference between success and failure.