Automotive & Transport

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Transportation is a diverse sector with a wide variety of players – for example, rail operators, airlines, auto manufacturers and distributors, shipping lines, financiers, logistics companies, and suppliers of a bewildering array of parts and goods. Each faces its own, highly specific challenges.

Transport links are the nerves of the economy. A diverse range of well-functioning modes of transport is vital to the free movement of people and goods on which modern countries depend.
And, of course, transport itself is big business. A successful automotive industry, for example – such as Sweden still retains – provides jobs not just for the skilled engineers and workers on the production lines, but for a huge range of professionals in related sectors, from distributors, retailers and designers to the suppliers of a variety of specialized parts and products. And with governments across the region keen to claim a stake in the growing electric car sector, with its need for high-tech components, we can expect significant investment – and hot competition.

However, each segment of the transport sector faces its own specific challenges. These come in many forms: national flag carriers in the aviation sector, for example, are restructuring to meet the challenges of budget airlines; rail companies across the region are responding to the demands of liberalization in both freight and passenger transport; auto distributors are re-examining their contracts in light of changing EU competition rules; and companies in all sectors are consolidating and refinancing.
Roschier offers the breadth of expertise to help with all these challenges and more. One of the largest firms in the region, with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki and “best friends” across Europe, it combines market-leading corporate, commercial and financing expertise with industry-specific skills in such areas as competition, state aid and employment. The firm’s well-publicized work on major projects, such as the restructuring and sale of Saab and Finnair’s joint venture with Flybe, is an indicator of its deep and broad commitment to the sector.