Deep-rooted corporate social responsibility

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“Corporate social responsibility” has been one of the buzz phrases of recent years. So it’s good to know that Roschier has been committed to it since before people knew what it was.

We all want to live in an equitable society. We all care about our environment and our communities. We all want future generations to have the opportunities we had. Corporate social responsibility provides a practical framework for firms and employees to do good.

Lawyers in private practice have a long tradition of professional values and codes of conduct, reinforcing their role as independent professional advisors who uphold integrity and ethical rules.

“Everything starts from what we as individuals, and as a firm, stand for.”“An important part of being a lawyer is giving something back to society. One way to do this is through actively participating in the work of local bar associations. It is a long-standing tradition at Roschier to get heavily involved in bar association activities, both in Finland and in Sweden,” says Fredrik Rydin, Managing Partner of Roschier.

“Another means is to provide pro bono legal services to those in need, which we also do,” he continues.

“I would say that everything starts from what we as individuals, and as a firm, stand for. It’s important that the inspiration for our social responsibility projects comes from the employees, rather than being imposed by a management keen to follow the latest trend. Our firm has been playing an active part in the community since well before people started to even talk about corporate social responsibility,” Mia Eklundh, Roschier’s COO, points out.

Of course, times change and priorities change with them. These days, people are just as likely to want to raise money for third-world charities or environmental concerns.

At Roschier, they are actively supporting a range of charities, including environmental initiatives, children’s and youth charities, medical charities, and disaster relief charities. They are also enthusiastic supporters of educational initiatives, often giving their time to lecture in local schools or give career advice.

“Corporate social responsibility is tied to ethics, and that is one of Roschier’s five core values, so we take it very seriously,” Eklundh concludes. “It’s written deep into the firm’s DNA.”