The Roschier Way

Persistence. A forward-leaning and curious mindset. A value-driven way of working. The Roschier Way gives a fantastic frame for continuous learning – every day.

Working at a leading business law firm is challenging but rewarding. In our top-tier firm, populated by smart people with ambitious goals, you get to learn from some of the most knowledgeable profiles in the industry.

Becoming a professional requires continuous learning and practice. Learning on the job sets the foundation. Working with leading corporates on complex assignments will lay the necessary groundwork for a successful career. Through our clients’ expectations, we nurture a professional culture that supports your career development and, through Roschier University, we offer you constant development opportunities. Our goal is to guarantee the right level of challenge and support at different stages of your career.

Our values—ethics, pioneering, client orientation, professionalism and teamwork—are at the core of our work, the glue that unites teams and helps us to continuously improve as individuals, professionals, and as a firm. These values guide us all on how to behave and what to prioritize. Our one-firm approach, with our commitment to the best client experience, applies not only cross-border but also across teams, practices and groups.

We value your ability to develop relationships valuable to the firm, your contribution to superior client experience and to the continuous development of the firm, and your commitment to our values. Our performance criteria are the same for everyone regardless of role, and your commitment to our values is recognized as a key part of your performance.

Our growth mindset shows in our constant efforts to improve, striving to be a top provider of legal services to our clients. It also reminds us of the bigger context that derives from the core of our profession: We contribute to and act responsibly as part of society.

Be curious, learn, contribute, and you will be rewarded.

Working internationally and in the Nordics

We work on a global and multicultural scale because, more often than not, either our client or the case is international. Even when we work with clients based in the Nordics, the substance of our work and our counterparts are usually international and very multifaceted.

As a large and respected law firm, we offer our clients the advantage of unusually broad synergies between different law practices. Our extensive international contacts, with our membership in the International Bar Association (IBA) and our exclusive Finnish membership in Lex Mundi, offer our clients reliable international knowledge.