Our tutoring and mentoring program

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We believe that our tutoring and mentoring program facilitates an inspiring colleague-to-colleague spirit within the firm. This is why we have invested heavily over the years in developing this program, which we feel has enhanced our open and supportive culture, where each individual is valued and appreciated.
All new employees at Roschier, whether lawyers, support professionals or law students, are assigned a tutor at the beginning of their employment. The role of the tutor is to support the integration of the newcomer and to offer assistance in professional matters during the tutoree’s career at Roschier.

Your tutor will be your “coach,” ensuring that you will continuously receive support in your development within the firm and acting as your discussion partner and trusted person for two-way feedback. Your tutor is responsible for:

  • Welcoming you and acting as a primary contact in the firm,
  • Supporting you in learning the Roschier way of working, and
  • Offering support in practical matters and assisting in coordinating your tasks.

In addition to a tutor, employees at Roschier are usually assigned a mentor. The mentor is responsible for supporting and guiding the mentee in his or her career development.
Your mentor will give you feedback on an ongoing basis and will hold an annual discussion with you as part of the firm’s performance review process. This process is designed to help you identify your development goals and achieve them. Your mentor is a senior person at the firm on whom you can rely for guidance and support in determining the direction for your career.