Thesis Program (Finland)

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When can I apply? Anytime
Duration of program: Normally two to four months
Start date of program: Agreed individually with each student
Working hours: According to your own schedule
Who can apply / status of studies: Law students at the end of their studies
Language skills: Finnish and English (Swedish and other language skills are also appreciated) 

The writing of a master’s thesis is not a small or simple task. However, you do not have to tackle all the obstacles related to it on your own. We offer a sponsorship program that is built to support you throughout the writing process.

Roschier’s Thesis Program helps develop your research skills, since you will have the use of the firm’s extensive library, databases and other resources at your fingertips. You will have a unique opportunity to discuss your ideas with our lawyers and to engage in more in-depth dialogue about your thesis with your assigned tutor and mentor. You will have an opportunity to develop – not only in terms of your own expertise but in the profession in general – while surrounded by inspired and inspiring colleagues who take the time to help and encourage you.

We acknowledge that writing your thesis requires full-time focus, which is why you are not expected to participate in any client assignments. However, as a Thesis Trainee, you are invited to participate in various events and training sessions arranged by The Roschier University, if you choose.

In order to be eligible for the Thesis Program you should be in the project phase of your studies, and the topic of your thesis should relate to one of the firm’s practices. You do not need to have an exact title for your thesis when you apply to the program, but you do need to have a general idea of the area of law you would be interested in writing about. During the program, our lawyers can help you to determine the subject and scope of your thesis.

When your traineeship comes to an end, we hope to continue our relationship with you through the Roschier Trainee Alumni Network. The network provides a platform for you to stay in touch with us and your fellow trainees following your time with us.

Our Thesis Program represents an outstanding opportunity to gain access to a great pool of knowledge and expertise, as well as practical support, when writing your thesis. It is also an excellent way for you to get to know Roschier and for us to get to know you.

Send us your application, and join our team!


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