The best place to work

We are all part of the Roschier team and we are valued as individuals and team members. Without its people the firm would be nothing. Our expectations for your contribution are high. We want you to develop and deliver on your potential. We want you to succeed!

This is why we invest heavily in you, when it comes to both work opportunities with exciting clients and learning experiences at Roschier University, where you can develop your legal expertise and leadership skills.

Your success is our success

At Roschier we know what is needed to succeed in this profession. We also know what it takes to thrive at Roschier and in the corporate environment. To assist you in becoming the best you, we assign you a mentor and follow up on your professional development annually. We expect you to be able to develop relationships valuable to the firm, contribute to a superior client experience, continuously develop the firm, and commit to our values. Our performance criteria are the same for everyone regardless of role, and being a role model and value carrier is assessed as a key part of your performance.

Our expectations are high and we strive for success. We believe that those who succeed have a responsibility to give back. We do it by investing in your wellbeing and broadly by giving back to society through different CSR initiatives.