Behind the scenes: Our support infrastructure
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Great lawyers require great support.  Our values form the basis for a culture that supports continuous development and involvement.
“This is a value-based organization,” says Tua Flythström, Helsinki-based Head of Conference & Office.
“Our commitment to teamwork encourages us to help each other develop.”“That means that our values underlie all our decisions. For example, to us client-orientation means that the client comes first for our support professionals as well as for our lawyers, and our commitment to teamwork encourages us to help each other develop,” she says.

Flythström is at the leading edge of the support infrastructure. It’s her responsibility to coordinate everything from conferencing and travel to security, reception, catering and general office functions.
“Our support staff has an important role in making sure that the service level is high and that action plans are set and followed. Our lawyers definitely appreciate the way our support professionals add value,” she says.
A value-driven approach is one of the things that the firm’s COO, Mia Eklundh, believes really sets the support infrastructure apart. The other is a “one-firm mindset.”
“The Heads of the support functions are firm-wide. They take part in strategy discussions and come together with Partners and Assistants from all our offices to implement new projects in areas like IT, knowledge management, marketing, professional development and HR,” she observes.
Another important area is the assistant pools.
“We have highly skilled assistants,” says Lina Ylander, who is in charge of coordinating the assistant services at the Stockholm office.
“They are professionals with high levels of technical skill and responsibilities that go far beyond the traditional assistant role. In addition to assisting the lawyers in serving their clients, they are closely involved in administrative and development projects,” she adds.
We also offer traineeships in different support staff teams and welcome students to apply for support trainee positions all year-round.

Within The Roschier University, our support staff takes part in professional development programs that run parallel with the programs targeted to lawyers. All this contributes to making our firm a great place to work!