The Roschier University

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The Roschier University concept comprises a series of internal training modules that are part of our professional development program. The benefits of sharing knowledge and information are obvious, and we believe that continuous learning and development are vital to achieving our mission to be the leading law firm in the Nordic region.
As a new employee at Roschier, you will first be invited to an induction program. The program is designed to introduce the firm and the tools available to you in your day-to-day work. You will be trained in using various online databases, learn how to use our document management system and be introduced to your new colleagues cross-border.
Following the induction program, you will have access to regular training modules that are intended for all our people. A large part of the training relates to developing core legal skills and helping our lawyers keep abreast of new developments. Also included in the program is regular training in leadership, branding, communication, negotiation, ethics, languages and much more. The speakers at our training events are either external experts or experienced professionals at our firm; all possess high levels of expertise in their fields. In addition, the firm’s different practice groups arrange training sessions, with the aim of sharing and deepening knowledge within their specific area of expertise.

The training sessions are informal events, where questions and comments are exchanged in a relaxed atmosphere. In short, they are a great way to improve your skills, while at the same time have fun and network with your colleagues.
We also offer our lawyers an opportunity to participate in our Practice Exchange Program. We see all sorts of practice exchange as an excellent opportunity for you to broaden your network and expertise in your specific area of practice. All types of practice exchange – for example, external secondments, internal cross-border secondments, internal rotation and study leaves – are included in the program.