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The best way of finding out what it is really like to work at Roschier is to let our people themselves tell you. We have conducted some short interviews to present our people and their roles and backgrounds. Links to the interviews can be found below - hope you will find these interesting and inspiring!
   A tutorship experience at Roschier 
   Ida Leskinen, Associate Trainee and Emmi Viitanen, Associate. Interview from February 2019.


   From Assistant Trainee to Legal Assistant
   Johanna Forsén and Jenika Jokelainen, Legal Assistants.

3Qs with Johanna - Senior Associate
Johanna Flythström, Senior Associate. Interview from February 2017. Video interview.


3Qs with Laila - Senior Associate
Laila Morad, Senior Associate. Interview from June 2016. Video interview.


3Qs with Partners Harem & Jenny
Harem Mahir and Jenny Welander Wadström, Partners. Interview from November 2015. Video interview.


3Qs with Marika – Legal Assistant of the Year
Marika Mäkelä, Assistant in Helsinki. Interview from April 2015.


3Qs with Irene – Recruitment Expert
Irene Byggningsbacka, HR & Recruitment team in Stockholm. Interview from November 2014.


3Qs with Ami – recently appointed Principal Associate and passionate EU and competition law expert
Ami Paanajärvi, Principal Associate. Interview from September 2014.


3Qs with Tero – newly-elected Partner 
Tero Jormanainen, Partner. Interview from June 2014.


International dispute expert who knows all about Roschier Disputes Index
Eva Storskrubb, Senior Associate. Interview from April 2014.


Thinking about being a Summer Trainee? Go for it!
Maja and Johanna, Summer Trainees. Interview from July 2013.


M&A expert with a passion for pro bono work
Gisela Knuts, Partner and networking wizard
Gisela Knuts, Partner. Interview from December 2012.



Per-Owe Dorfh, M&A Counsel and “fighting for life”