Roschier Practice Exchange Program

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The Roschier Practice Exchange Program offers internal and external opportunities for practice exchange. We endorse and are committed to the concept of continuous learning and development and see all sorts of practice exchange as an excellent opportunity for you to develop personally and professionally as well as to broaden your expertise in your specific area of practice. 
All types of practice exchange – for example, external secondments, internal cross-border secondments, internal rotation and study leaves – are included in the program. 
Internal Practice Exchange Program (rotation)
Roschier’s Internal Practice Exchange Program, also known as “rotation,” is intended for Junior associates. In practice, the program means that Junior associates spend time in two different practices during their first year of employment (they work with a second practice for a period of approximately four months). The aim of the program is for the participants to broaden their perspective and to increase their internal network at an early stage of their career. 
External secondments
The secondment program for Associate lawyers offers a possibility to gain experience from visiting a foreign law firm or an international/domestic corporation (often a client). Traditionally such a visit occurs when a lawyer has gained some years of tenure with the firm, and it normally lasts approximately three months.
Internal cross-border secondments
Roschier’s “one-firm mindset” means that it is important to also make sure that we utilize expertise and exchange experiences cross-border. We therefore also encourage internal secondments between our offices in Finland and Sweden.
Study and other leaves
The key factor in our success is having highly skilled and talented personnel who offer clients services that add value. Fully supporting our personnel’s growth and development is, therefore, a vital principle of the firm. In addition to internal training, numerous opportunities to apply knowledge and skills to client assignments, and the firm’s development projects, we support professional and career development by allowing the possibility, with certain predefined principles, to participate in postgraduate (LL.M., MBA, etc.) university studies. The studies are an excellent opportunity for you to further develop your professional skills and knowledge as well as to network.