Roschier mobility - the practice exchange programs

We support continuous learning and development and recognize the importance of gaining a broader perspective.

As you grow with us, you will get the chance to tailor your career by utilizing different practice exchange opportunities. You will build your professional profile in close cooperation with your mentor.

In order to make sure that you succeed in your career, the practice exchange program includes the possibility to rotate, for varying time periods, to a practice area other than your own. As we operate in two countries, the rotation may also include a stint in our office in Helsinki or Stockholm for a true cross-border experience.

Another way of building your experience and network is by working at one of our client companies for a time. You see the client company from within, learn their business and build valuable relationships for yourself and for the firm, a true win-win that makes you and the firm stronger in supporting our clients’ success.

At the senior stage of your career, you may also decide to visit a foreign law firm. In previous years we have had senior associates visiting law firms in London, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco.

We also support professional and career development by allowing the possibility, with certain predefined principles, to participate in postgraduate (LL.M., MBA, etc.) university studies locally or abroad. These studies are an excellent opportunity for you to further develop your professional skills and knowledge and expand your network.

Tutors and mentors

Our tutoring and mentoring program facilitates an inspiring colleague-to-colleague spirit and enhances an open and supportive culture, where each individual is valued and appreciated.

All new employees are assigned a tutor at the beginning of their employment. The role of the tutor is to support the newcomer’s integration and to offer assistance in professional and practical matters.

Your tutor will be your coach, ensuring that you continuously receive support in your development within the firm and acting as your discussion partner and trusted person for two-way feedback.

In addition to a tutor, all employees are assigned a mentor. The mentor is responsible for supporting and guiding the mentee in his or her career development.

Your mentor will give you ongoing feedback, and they are responsible for discussing your development during the formal yearly performance review process. The review is designed to help you identify your development goals and achieve them. Your mentor is a partner or a more senior business operations professional at the firm, on whom you can rely for guidance and support in determining the direction of your career.