Strong together

We have an open and people-oriented culture. Our great working environment and success are due to motivated, talented and committed people. We have high demands on our people, but we also offer great rewards and go a long way to provide the support that allows talented people to make the most of themselves and their careers. We strive to provide the best possible platform for our people to develop both professionally and personally, based on the principle of continuous learning.


Our organization is value-driven. This means that the firm’s core values, client-orientation, professionalism, teamwork, ethics and pioneering, are reflected in everything we do. These values have also helped us create the inspiring atmosphere and great team spirit that we have today.

Teamwork is strongly emphasized in our one-firm approach. We put the firm’s combined, vast expertise to work for our clients. Each and every one of us, regardless of position, contributes and works together. We take every chance to learn from new challenges, and we go the extra mile to keep our customers happy.

CSR and pro bono-work

We share our expertise and knowledge by providing pro bono legal services to those in need, and we actively support a range of charitable causes. Our long term Corporate Social Responsibility commitments include several organizations and charitable causes, and we support research on childhood illnesses and treatment. We are also enthusiastic supporters of educational initiatives, and several of our practitioners regularly collaborate with universities, holding lectures or engaging in research-related projects.

Inclusion and diversity

We aim to be an inclusive and diverse work place, where people are appreciated for their differences. We put extensive educational efforts toward increasing the inclusiveness in everything we do and abolishing unconscious bias within decision making, performance and reward management. At Roschier we promote on the basis of merit.