Our training offering

We want you to embrace new challenges. In order to help you reach your full potential, we have developed a broad spectrum of learning possibilities, both practical and theoretical. Our learning offering is intended to grow your professional value and support your personal development.

During your time at Roschier, we will support your professional development by providing a five-year extensive curriculum within our corporate Roschier University. This curriculum offers you the tools for self-leadership and is aimed at developing your core knowledge and skills, project management skills, human interaction skills and business understanding.

In our work environment, we expect you to deliver high-level professional work. We want you to be a value carrier and role model and know how to stay connected. We expect a lot, and we offer you the means to continuously develop your potential.

At the beginning of your Roschier journey you will participate in our Onboarding Program, which is designed to introduce the firm and the tools available to you in your day-to-day work.

Following the onboarding, you will have access to regular training modules that are intended for all our people: practitioners, assistants and business operations professionals. Also included is regular training in branding, communication, negotiation, ethics, languages and much more. The speakers at our training events are both external experts and experienced professionals at our firm; all possessing considerable expertise in their fields. In addition, the firm’s different practice groups arrange training sessions to share and deepen their knowledge within their specific practice areas.