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We offer great opportunities for Lawyers at all levels: first-class training, varied experiences and the chance to work with leading companies and people from around the world. Bring your own passion.
“What most surprises new recruits? I think it’s how much we work in teams across competencies,” data protection and IP expert Johanna Lilja, the Partner in charge of recruitment activities in Helsinki, says.
“Newly graduated lawyers often expect that they’ll be working alone on purely legal issues. Thus, another big surprise is that we are contributing to our clients’ business operations,” she says.
“If I had to describe the sort of person who does well and enjoys working at Roschier, I’d say that they are talented and passionate individuals.”“It’s not like in the movies. People don’t hang on your words of wisdom. Being a lawyer is all about customer service, and that requires a degree of humility and a lot of flexibility,” says Lilja. She explains that this means not just providing great legal advice, but doing so at a time and in a way that is suitable for the client. It means putting the client’s needs first.
“We offer the structure and support to help our lawyers develop and overcome any hurdles. Throughout their career, The Roschier University helps people grow professionally as well as personally. People who join us, whether lawyers or support professionals, receive training in various skills, including leadership and ethics. For newly graduated lawyers, we also offer a structured career plan, Roschier Career Plan. These help create the optimal career platform,” says Anna Wranne, who is responsible for the firm’s professional development program.
“We tailor career plans for each Lawyer, depending on their development objectives. Our professional development programs help our Associates to become better lawyers,” adds Pontus Enquist, the Partner responsible for recruitment at the Stockholm office.
That’s not to say that only a certain “type” of person will fit in. Enquist explains that the firm is highly international and people get the opportunity to work with lawyers and clients from many different cultures. Therefore, we also need varied cultures, skills and personalities represented within the firm.

“What unites us, though, is the spirit of ‘one firm.’ If I had to describe the sort of person who does well and enjoys working at our firm, I’d say that they are talented and passionate individuals,” Enquist sums up.