We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions related to careers at Roschier and answered them below. If you have any other questions, you are always welcome to get in touch with our career contact persons. 

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Q: When is the right time to apply for a position?
You can send in your application at any time. We welcome applications throughout the year, and we do not have any deadlines concerning the recruitment process for most positions. The only exceptions are the Summer trainee positions at the Stockholm office, for which the application period runs from December through January, and the new graduates in Stockholm. We have two intakes of graduates in Stockholm per year, for which you can apply in March or September.

Q: Can I apply to both Finland and Sweden?
Yes, you can apply to Roschier in both countries.
Q: I get an error message when I try to submit my application via your website. What do I do?
Usually this indicates that the attachments are too large and that the internet connection may be interrupted. Try compressing them and sending them again. If this doesn’t help, email your application directly to one of our career contacts.
Q: How long after submitting my application can I expect to hear back from Roschier?
We strive to respond to your application as swiftly as possible (normally within two weeks).    

Q: What are the criteria used when deciding who will get called in for an interview?
All the applications we receive are processed by our recruitment team, and whether you will be called in for an interview depends mainly on the following criteria: Your academic results should be good, and you should possess strong communication and language skills in Finnish or Swedish and English (additional language skills are considered an advantage). Previous work experience in the field of law and positions of trust, as well as personal interests, are taken into consideration.

Q: If I get called in for an interview, what does an interview process involve?
During the interview, we are interested in getting to know you as a person. You will engage in an informal discussion with our recruitment team, including both HR staff and lawyers.
Q: How can I prepare for my interview with Roschier?
Act naturally and come as you are. Think of examples of experiences you believe would be valuable for us to know about.
Q: How many trainees does Roschier hire each year?
We do not set limits on adding potential new talent to our team. On average, however, we offer approximately 150 traineeships each year.    
Q: How many lawyers and support professionals does Roschier hire each year?
We hire throughout the year and do not set limits on adding potential new talent to our team.
Q: How is Roschier different from other law firms?
Our firm is our people. We are a large and truly international law firm, which means that we can offer insight into a wide variety of interesting topics and assignments. Our culture is unique, and one of our winning concepts is the “one-firm mindset,” which affects everything we do. In addition, our firmly established core values guide us in our aim to be one of the most successful law firms in the Nordic region.
Q: What are Roschier’s core values?
Our core values are client-orientation, professionalism, teamwork, ethics and pioneering.
Q: What is the firm culture like?
Professionalism and teamwork are essential to the success of a law firm. We acknowledge that everyone’s contribution is very valuable. We aim to create a relaxed and inclusive working atmosphere founded on interaction and the sharing of knowledge and expertise, which includes different social events throughout the year. We have a cross-border operation in Finland and Sweden, with a strong one-firm mindset and teamwork extending beyond borders.
Q: What kind of guidance will I get during my employment?
As a member of our team, you will get continuous support and guidance. At the start of your employment, you will attend a personalized induction program. You will have a tutor who will be your assigned contact and help you get acquainted with the firm and your tasks. Your tutor is also there to answer any questions you may have. Depending on your role you might also be appointed a mentor, who supports and guides you in your career development.
Q: Will I have opportunities for additional training and education?
We offer all our employees a wide variety of opportunities to further their expertise. We organize various targeted and joint internal training sessions as part of our unique professional development program, The Roschier University. You will also be able to attend the many different seminars we organize on a regular basis.

Q: What is Roschier’s Practice Exchange Program?
The Roschier Practice Exchange Program is a program that offers you internal and external opportunities for practice exchange. We see all sorts of practice exchange as an excellent opportunity for you to broaden your network and expertise in your specific area of practice. All types of practice exchange – for example, external secondments, internal cross-border secondments, internal rotation and study leaves – are included in the program. To gain insight into our Practice Exchange Program, visit Facebook and read about our people’s experiences.