Meet our people on secondment: Vicky Kaufmann

As our employees grow with us, they get the chance utilize different exchange opportunities, including the possibility of going on a secondment. Meet our people who have been on secondment to client firms, foreign law firms, or our office on the other side of the Baltic Sea.

Next out is Senior Associate Vicky Kaufmann, who’s currently on a client secondment to Ahlsell.

What do you do?

During my secondment, I work as Legal Counsel at Ahlsell AB. I am part of the group’s legal function and in my role, I am mainly responsible for negotiating major customer and supplier agreements. In my work, I also assist some with ongoing legal issues, M&A and disputes.

Why did you decide to go on a secondment?

A secondment contributes great insight into operational and commercial aspects, and the opportunity to broaden work your experience. It is therefore an important part of my professional development to become a better advisor. On a personal level, it is also very nice to get a new type of challenge at this point in my career and get to know a lot of wonderful new colleagues!

What are the differences compared to work and everyday life at Roschier?

Legal is of course a common thread in both roles, but a big difference is that you often have large but few parallel projects in the M&A group, while I as a Legal Counsel run many streams at the same time. The work is also more independent as I now work closer to Key Account Managers rather than as part of a legal team in an M&A transaction.