Meet our people on secondment: Amanda Prykäri

As our employees grow with us, they get the chance to utilize different exchange opportunities, including the possibility of going on a secondment. Meet our people who have been on secondment to client firms, foreign law firms, or our office on the other side of the Baltic Sea.

Next out is Associate Amanda Prykäri, who went on a secondment to the Stockholm office from Helsinki this spring and beginning of summer.

What are the differences compared to work and everyday life in Helsinki?

One significant difference was the size of the team. In Stockholm, I had the opportunity to work in a significantly smaller team than in in Helsinki. This created a more intimate and close-knit working environment. It was refreshing to have a deeper understanding of what each team member was working on, which is not always possible in a larger team like the one we have in Helsinki.

What did you bring back with you?

My secondment to Stockholm was a truly enriching experience. Firstly, I gained invaluable experience in the courtroom, which was a significant milestone for me. Working with the dispute in Stockholm provided me with my first-hand experience of legal proceedings, which will undoubtedly benefit my future work.

Secondly, I formed new friendships and professional connections during my time in Stockholm. The smaller team size allowed me to build closer relationships with my colleagues, and I cherish the friendships that I gained during this period.

Lastly, Stockholm itself left a lasting impression on me. The city is lively and vibrant, which made it a delightful place to live and work. I find Stockholm very charming, and I am grateful for the memories and experiences I got from living there.

Overall, my secondment to Stockholm was an incredible opportunity that broadened my horizons both professionally and personally. I return to Helsinki with new skills and friendships, and I am excited to apply what I’ve learned and continue to grow both professionally and personally in my role in Helsinki.