Meet our people on secondment: Frida Wall

As our employees grow with us, they get the chance utilize different exchange opportunities, including the possibility of going on a secondment. Meet our people who have been on secondment to client firms, foreign law firms, or our office on the other side of the Baltic Sea.

Next out is our Executive Legal Assistant Frida Wall, who went on a mini secondment to the Helsinki office from Stockholm.

How come you ended up in Helsinki on an internal secondment?

In the M&A team, we are encouraged to go on a mini secondment for two weeks to the Helsinki office, and vice versa, to get to know our fellow M&A colleagues. I heard about the mini secondments already as a new joiner at Roschier, and it felt as a good opportunity to get to know the Finnish colleagues in Helsinki and to see the other Roschier office in real life. It was fun and a great experience. I believe these secondments strengthen the team spirit and the cooperation between the offices.

Were there any differences compared to the Stockholm office?

I was working with my daily tasks and partners in Stockholm so the different for me personally was not that big.

What did you bring back with you?

New friends – and a closer relationship with my colleagues in Helsinki. It was nice to meet people that I work with daily but otherwise only see on the screen. Being able to work in the same room and have lunch makes it more personal and you get to know each other better. I absolutely encourage my fellow co-workers to go on a secondment if they get the chance.