It takes real effort to seamlessly integrate practices – not only in different offices, but in different countries. However, the benefits for clients more than justify the exertion.

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Ensuring that our Swedish and Finnish offices are seamlessly integrated is a major priority for us. So, since 2005, when our Stockholm office was founded, we have worked hard to implement Roschier’s working methods and recreate its atmosphere across its offices.
“Advice is ‘top notch’ and ‘on the level of leading international firms.’”
– The Legal 500
And the process has been a two-way one. By recruiting so many leading practitioners with such a wealth of experience, we have been able to identify and develop best practices and roll them out firm-wide, improving delivery in Finland with innovations learned in Sweden and vice versa.

Partner Jouni Salmi has seen how well this works in practice. 

“I remember working on an IPO where Roschier was both Finnish and Swedish counsel to the client. By taking care of the whole assignment within one firm, we provided our client with a truly seamless service. Regular meetings and internal discussions help us to share information effectively and keep up to speed,” he says.

And this isn’t the only way in which Roschier’s expansion has benefited its clients. For another thing, clients can deal with one point of contact for Finland and Sweden, often saving time and money.

At Roschier we have a ‘one firm’ mindset, share common values, and have a culture of knowledge-sharing. That helps us to learn a lot from each other, and that has to be good for our clients.