Lawyers these days are not just lawyers. They are also trusted advisors. Client relationships should be constantly nurtured, and having the right culture is the key to developing them.

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What is Roschier’s culture like?
“There are a few elements that are present in everything we do. These are what we call the ‘Roschier way,’” says Fredrik Rydin, Roschier’s Managing Partner.

“Some of them are very traditional, such as an intense focus on quality and client service. Many of them concern our core values, such as teamwork. And being pioneering is among the most important. We are always challenging old ways of thinking and presenting our clients with cutting-edge solutions,” Rydin continues.
“Roschier is continuously involved in the region’s most demanding assignments and consistently ranked among the top firms in both Finland and Sweden.”Technical quality is one thing. But ultimately, quality can be measured only by the value firms add for their clients. And in order to really add value, they really need to understand the client and become their trusted advisor. Doing so is a priority at Roschier.
Roschier provides a full range of services to blue-chip Nordic and multinational clients across the region. Much of its work is focused on high-end corporate advisory services and M&A, including public M&A and private equity, and banking and finance. The firm also focuses on resolving the inevitable disputes that arise in these areas.
Additionally, the firm offers the range of advice you would expect of a leading international law firm, from EU & competition law to employment, from real estate to restructuring. It has a particularly strong reputation in the high-tech sectors, with intellectual property and ICT high on its list of priorities.
Roschier’s geographical footprint is another thing that makes it stand out. The Nordic countries have become a significant arena for an ever-increasing number of companies. Since the early 1990s, the region has seen countless cross-border mergers, acquisitions and off-shoring projects. Today, the area is crowded with exciting businesses that are distinctly Nordic in scope.
“A regional service concept makes sense for us, because it makes sense for our clients. It extends far beyond our own offices, since we have well-established ‘best friends’ relationships with top firms across the region. Clients value the fact that they can get assistance in the whole area from one source,” says Rydin.

​The continuing success of Roschier’s Stockholm office is a clear indicator of an increasing need for cross-border expertise. The majority of Roschier’s lawyers spend a significant part of their time working on cross-border cases.
The firm’s practice groups are highly integrated, so they can draw on resources from several locations and put together cross-border ‘dream teams’ to handle each assignment. The firm is carefully organized to get the most out of its cross-border capabilities.

This combination of expertise means that Roschier is continuously involved in the region’s most demanding assignments and consistently ranked among the top firms in both Finland and Sweden.

“But we never forget that we owe our success to our clients, and we strive every day to give them the best possible service, and to add value to their businesses,” says Björn Winström, Head of the firm’s Swedish office. “Of course, our coverage also extends well beyond this region through our established relationships with leading law firms around the world and our Finnish membership in Lex Mundi.”

As the Northern European market continues to converge, regional centers are taking shape. Stockholm, for example, has become a hub for the region.

“Stockholm is a key arena for investment and capital markets activity as well as international dispute resolution,” Winström concludes.