Roschier’s five core values guide the firm

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You can’t manufacture values; they develop over time. Roschier's experience is that a value-driven approach will benefit everybody – the firm, its people and its clients. Roschier has five core values: client orientation, professionalism, teamwork, ethics and pioneering. It also operates under a unique ‘one-firm mindset,’ which means that teamwork extends across the borders on every level of the firm, whether it be practice-related or having to do with business support.

“If you’re not supporting the people around you, then you’re not a role model – and at the end of the day that will be good for neither the firm nor the clients,” says Fredrik Rydin, Roschier's Managing Partner, outlining the importance of the firm’s value-driven approach.

“Our values have always been at the heart of the firm.”Roschier’s values have a direct impact on how the firm operates: how it cares for its clients, shares knowledge and cooperates internally to ensure that every professional is well supported. The firm’s performance criteria are also based on its values.

Rydin explains that Roschier’s performance reviews are focused on the evaluation of three criteria: the ability to develop relationships, work performance and performance as a role model.

“It is just not enough to be a good lawyer and a good professional. There is much more to it than that,” he notes.
Roschier has identified five core values: client orientation, professionalism, teamwork, ethics and pioneering. That is, its people are expected to be committed to first-class client service, upholding the highest standards of their profession, and cooperating with and respecting their colleagues, as well as to creativity and a cutting-edge approach.
These aren’t just trendy mantras dreamed up by management consultants. They are values that have evolved slowly over the firm’s lifetime. So when commentators, such as a recent Chambers directory, acknowledge Roschier as a “very high-quality firm with hugely impressive lawyers,” it’s these values that lie behind it.
“Our people are very important to us, and we believe that success comes from supporting them in developing to the limits of their abilities. Not only will they benefit – but so will the firm and its clients," says Rydin.